The shoots of Melaka-Part I

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It's our another unplanned short trip yet we made it, the 3 of us, in a manual kancil with one manual car driver, one auto car driver and one backseat driver, with baju kurung, kebaya and skirt... damn proud of ourselves.

The trip is tiring yet exciting and also frustrating coz we need to get back to Shah Alam the same day knowing our only manual driver gets sleepy at 11pm and the 3 of us are broke enough even to spend the night in the cheapest room in the town. But its more than worthwhile... Besides the road trip from Bahau crossing Kuala Pilah, Johol, Tampin further to Alor Gajah, arrived in Melaka at dusk, we managed to have short visit to the Pirate Park and walks along the riverside that links the Dutch Square and the Jonker Street. Our 1st stop is the Pirate Park. Not really a fan of such amusement park however it links well to the other side; the old cathay. This side of Melaka I find that evening to be so quiet and the only people loitering around are some foreign workers hanging out.

Must tell you that I'm amazed with the upgraded riverscape of Melaka. The rear side of the nostalgic Melaka shophouses became more interesting than its facade. Would really appreciate it better if the street cafes could serve and consider the Muslim pedestrians too. The conserved shophouses and the beautified riverscape makes the town comfortly and scenicly walkable.

The shoots get shaky when the night came (dunno why.. whether its the cam settings or me) so most of the photos taken at Jonker Street are blur.. Can't wait to get back there (with adequate visiting time and enough cash too coz the Jonker Street sells most of my favourite things!!- sorry k.ninie no cameras sold here)

Ok.. so take a look.. do comment on the photos, all are the shoots using our old digicam, must admit that some are badly stiched and check out later posts for other photos using the paddle pop, coloursplash and from the slr.
Series 1 : Rumah Melaka
Location: Air Panas Gadek
House owner: Hj. Hashim B. Hj. Taha.

(Had a brief chat with the owner's daughter. In the rush of asking permission to take photos and asking bout the owner, i forgot to ask about the house so here's what we got, the photos of the house not the story... hehe)

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