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Once you're a loser forever you'll be...

I'm trying so hard not to be one...trying so hard not to have negative thoughts...for once.. please believe in me...
"Everything new that you do will never work!"...What should i do then...

Another day of our life...

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Managed to develop two of my films...thank God for that:)...So i've got something new but not fresh to show you guys:)...Comments and Critics are most welcome...and needed:)..Thanks!

Exif Data:
Camera: Minolta x700
Film: Velvia 100F(expired) & Agfa Vista iso 400
Process: normal and cross process
Location: Teluk Batik, Ipoh, KL, Tronoh and Malacca:)

1. Dead Tree 1

2. Dead Tree 2

3. Little Yellow flowers 1

4. Little yellow flowers 2

5. Little Yellow flowers 3

6. Ami in front of 'Shanghai Rex'

7. 'Shanghai Rex'

8. Old tailorman 'Shanghai Rex'

9. Ami

10. Oren

11. I'm a dreamer

12. Cousins

13. syakir...not smiling...he sweating like hell in a car without aircond:)

14. That's me:)

15. Ami

16. Ami eating 'goreng pisang'

17. This is my father...He is a heavy smoker!

The rest you can view it here ----> my flickr

If it is a food...i'm sure it will turns bad...

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But it is not...I kept it so long...only today i have a chance to upload it and share with you guys:)...Due to modem faulty i can't online since sunday...It been replaced yesterday by TM technicians (thanks to them) ehehe...Only 3 days but i felt like 3 years ...imagine that...:D...

Ok straight to the point...I would like to present new collection of mine..





Inner part
(sorry low quality pictures...a bit shaky)

Nikkormat@Nikomat (in Japan)... It was an all-metal, mechanically (springs, gears, levers) controlled, manual focus SLR with match-needle exposure control, manufactured in Japan from 1965 to 1967. It was available in two colors: black with chrome trim and all black. It used a metal-bladed, vertical travel, focal plane shutter with a speed range of 1 to 1/1000th second plus Bulb and flash X-sync of 1/125th second. The Nikkormat F-series had a shutter speed ring concentric with the lens mount...It been a new experience to have this kind of slr model...I owned Nikon now ehehe...it is not the best model...but i'm glad to have it as a collection...

As usual i bought it at Lokin a.k.a memory lane, Ipoh perak (vintage heaven)...and quite cheap for a well working camera RM30 only..My lucky day i guess Alhamdulillah:)...except for the lense.. need to get rid all the fungus...

Can't wait to use it...:)