Red is Great!:)

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My first attempt of DIY redscale film...Do enjoy viewing it as much as i enjoy shooting it:)..

Exif data: SLR minolta X300
Film: DIY redscale
Process: normal
Location:Tronoh, Kg Gajah











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Once you're a loser forever you'll be...

I'm trying so hard not to be one...trying so hard not to have negative thoughts...for once.. please believe in me...
"Everything new that you do will never work!"...What should i do then...

Another day of our life...

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Managed to develop two of my films...thank God for that:)...So i've got something new but not fresh to show you guys:)...Comments and Critics are most welcome...and needed:)..Thanks!

Exif Data:
Camera: Minolta x700
Film: Velvia 100F(expired) & Agfa Vista iso 400
Process: normal and cross process
Location: Teluk Batik, Ipoh, KL, Tronoh and Malacca:)

1. Dead Tree 1

2. Dead Tree 2

3. Little Yellow flowers 1

4. Little yellow flowers 2

5. Little Yellow flowers 3

6. Ami in front of 'Shanghai Rex'

7. 'Shanghai Rex'

8. Old tailorman 'Shanghai Rex'

9. Ami

10. Oren

11. I'm a dreamer

12. Cousins

13. syakir...not smiling...he sweating like hell in a car without aircond:)

14. That's me:)

15. Ami

16. Ami eating 'goreng pisang'

17. This is my father...He is a heavy smoker!

The rest you can view it here ----> my flickr

If it is a food...i'm sure it will turns bad...

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But it is not...I kept it so long...only today i have a chance to upload it and share with you guys:)...Due to modem faulty i can't online since sunday...It been replaced yesterday by TM technicians (thanks to them) ehehe...Only 3 days but i felt like 3 years ...imagine that...:D...

Ok straight to the point...I would like to present new collection of mine..





Inner part
(sorry low quality pictures...a bit shaky)

Nikkormat@Nikomat (in Japan)... It was an all-metal, mechanically (springs, gears, levers) controlled, manual focus SLR with match-needle exposure control, manufactured in Japan from 1965 to 1967. It was available in two colors: black with chrome trim and all black. It used a metal-bladed, vertical travel, focal plane shutter with a speed range of 1 to 1/1000th second plus Bulb and flash X-sync of 1/125th second. The Nikkormat F-series had a shutter speed ring concentric with the lens mount...It been a new experience to have this kind of slr model...I owned Nikon now is not the best model...but i'm glad to have it as a collection...

As usual i bought it at Lokin a.k.a memory lane, Ipoh perak (vintage heaven)...and quite cheap for a well working camera RM30 only..My lucky day i guess Alhamdulillah:)...except for the lense.. need to get rid all the fungus...

Can't wait to use it...:)

Enough about the past...

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“One day at a time --- This is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering.”

Bump into it, fall in love with it...

My pastime was unpleasant...Tried to get rid all the bad memories...Moving happy for 'Past'... i don't need you anymore...

The internet is so damn slow..

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Yeah really so damn i didn't get a chance to download movies...
Actually this is not the issue that i'm going to babbling about...Yesterday...while i'm in my store..arranging all the books nicely....suddenly came in one school student...hanging around while waiting for her mother to fetch her...i guess she got bored...looking around in my shop..she saw all the dusty books on the shelves...and started to asked questions...questions which involves so many whys..."why are you selling the books here?"..."no one will know this shop"..."no one will know what you are doing"..what?you teach tuition and only have 20 students?".. "Are you going to survive?" ....all the questions made me it so bad to live in a small town selling secondhand books...and teaching tuition classes?...some people...ignorant people may think its useless... I've heard a lot of advice...telling me..find another job...better job so that you got more money...fix money every month...even the girl think i should do that..."go to KL find a job...everything can get a lot of money selling books there"...Thats what they are saying including the girl...When every time all the questions shoots I've always wanted to tell them this...."I'm from KL...I've been living in KL for more than 20 years...I'd worked in KL...but you want to know the truth... i never like KL" Its the truth...I'm not lying or defending myself from all the questions...but it came from my heart...I love what I'm doing now...most importantly I love where I am now...What I want..its all here...peaceful...being around with all the people that i love...everything seems nice...To trade what I've got now to KL? definitely i will say no...I never dream to have this life...but I'm glad to have it me conventional I don't mind...Did I felt offended with all the questions? Definitely not...I've been living with it for about 4 years kind of dah tepu:D...This is what i chose..I'm going to stick with it...'until death do us apart' <--- not appropriate but the only quote that I can think about now:D...have a nice life people...

Letter from Pakcik Peter Cheong...

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This 2-3 days back we've been talking about him..and today guess what i received a letter..and its from him:) with the photo of us...

1. Arip

2. K.lina

3. Me

p/s: Pakcik Peter punyer pic pon tk pi cuci lagi ehehehe

spell the word Lu-bi-tel :)

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Lubitel photos for everyone:)...

At last film from lubitel 2 been from the result i guess...i need to use it more often...Its just so-and-so...For me it is kind of difficult to focus...not as easy as slr...Some of it totally out of focus and some of it for me ok la...(drpd tkde langsung eheheh)...I hope all of you enjoy viewing it as i enjoy taking it:)...Not to forget Incik sifu Arip thanks a trillion for the film:D

p/s: K.lina bnw tuh nanti sy try k...ehehe

Exif data:
camera: lubitel 2
film : fujifilm iso100 120mm
process: normal











Agfa Vista..i'm in love:D

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Yeah i'm in love...thanks a trillion to k.lina for the film...:D...

New entry from minolta X-700...From Tronoh to Kuala sepetang...I had a great time back then...meeting nice people and cool friends...not to forget the delicious 'mee goreng udang' at kuala sepetang... :)...So another trip guys? ehehe...No specific theme this time...all random..

next...shots from lubitel and colorsplash:D

1. K.lina

2. A motorcycle

3. Mamak

4. Can anybody guess this?:P

5. A for Agfa eheehe

6. nice uncle..'I take u...u take me'

7. K.lina again at Masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar

8. Masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar

9. Mashid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar 2

10. Masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar 3

11. Ikan kering, kuala sepetang(senget)

12. K.lina again, kilang arang kuala sepetang..

13. K.lina shot me:), kilang arang kuala sepetang

14. The boat, kilang arang kuala sepetang

14. The schedule, Kilang arang kuala sepetang

15. Them..working, kilang arang kuala sepetang

16. Ami's workplace...(first time i shoot indoor)

17. Ami talking, lokin, Ipoh

18. Jad smiling, lokin , Ipoh