spell the word Lu-bi-tel :)

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Lubitel photos for everyone:)...

At last film from lubitel 2 been developed...so from the result i guess...i need to use it more often...Its just so-and-so...For me it is kind of difficult to focus...not as easy as slr...Some of it totally out of focus and some of it for me ok la...(drpd tkde langsung eheheh)...I hope all of you enjoy viewing it as i enjoy taking it:)...Not to forget Incik sifu Arip thanks a trillion for the film:D

p/s: K.lina bnw tuh nanti sy try k...ehehe

Exif data:
camera: lubitel 2
film : fujifilm iso100 120mm
process: normal











Agfa Vista..i'm in love:D

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Yeah i'm in love...thanks a trillion to k.lina for the film...:D...

New entry from minolta X-700...From Tronoh to Kuala sepetang...I had a great time back then...meeting nice people and cool friends...not to forget the delicious 'mee goreng udang' at kuala sepetang... :)...So another trip guys? ehehe...No specific theme this time...all random..

next...shots from lubitel and colorsplash:D

1. K.lina

2. A motorcycle

3. Mamak

4. Can anybody guess this?:P

5. A for Agfa eheehe

6. nice uncle..'I take u...u take me'

7. K.lina again at Masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar

8. Masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar

9. Mashid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar 2

10. Masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar 3

11. Ikan kering, kuala sepetang(senget)

12. K.lina again, kilang arang kuala sepetang..

13. K.lina shot me:), kilang arang kuala sepetang

14. The boat, kilang arang kuala sepetang

14. The schedule, Kilang arang kuala sepetang

15. Them..working, kilang arang kuala sepetang

16. Ami's workplace...(first time i shoot indoor)

17. Ami talking, lokin, Ipoh

18. Jad smiling, lokin , Ipoh

Magick from yellow vivitar paddle pop|Film Black and White Agfa Scalax iso 200

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magick from ami:)...she is too busy to type about her pictures...so on her behalf (i'm sure she's gonna say this too ehehe)...everybody are welcome to critic and comment...All are my favourite.. what about yours?:)

1. This is us...eating ABC at 'Esplanade Lumut'...coolest place ever..(k.lina sorry tk sempat bwk g sinih...rasenyer sunset kt sini besh takper there always next time)

2. This is mak ami:)...my mak too ehehe...

3. This is syakir...:)

4. sawah padi Bota Perak
5. Sawah padi 2 (love the shadow)

6. This is abang and angah

7. This is me:P

8. This is Sarah cooking:)

9. Them(tgh meeting) ehehe

10. Memory house

11. Memory House 2

12. Sweets anyone? Lucky store a.k.a kedai ceti

13. Birds and my proton

14. Birds and my proton 2

Exif data
Camera: vivitar paddle pop (yellow)
Film: Agfa scala-X iso200

say hi to lubitel 2 and slr minolta x300s:)

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This is lubitel guys...newly bought used camera...with a very reasonable price compared to the other seller...I've been dreamt to own a TLR...now i've got it...i'm so complete:D...a bit rusty, dusty here and there...tried to clean it up...ok la..shutter still work...lense need to send for service...a few things missing...but its ok...later send for service at 'uncle manyak munga' ehehe...oh forgot to mention i've bought it at lokin Ipoh<---- flea market...for me its a heaven for vintage stuffs...so yesterday was my luck day!





This is slr minolta x300s...This camera is my very best buy..i bought with a very cheap price...rm18 only:)...adding a collection for my minoltas...same as lubitel need to send for service...
There are alot of other cameras...am interested but the price they offered way to high...so i guess 'tak berbaloi-baloi' for not working camera...(suka main letak harga je dorg)...




Tips:when you want that camera...hold it and ask for the price...and please negotiate to get the cheaper price...they'll give it you...trust me...you must be firm...must show that you're really interested...(buat muka kesian ahahahaha) i'm not an expert...just something to share:)