Colours are like magik don't you think?

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Colours.., originally uploaded by niniee.

I love colours...

This was taken with film camera MInolta X700 and film used Agfa Vista 400

not that far...

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..., originally uploaded by niniee.

I never knew this place will be so nice in the picture...In real life it is even nicer:)..not that far ..One of the rarest place I ever found in Tronoh...Of course it is not like Bali or any other nice and famous places...I'm glad I'm here..I'm glad that Tronoh is not yet violated by development...I hope it will remained..

Photography..the more you travel the more great pictures you can captured..but what if ones cannot afford to travel to other places besides his/her own country?..As for's ok..sometimes..something that near to you can be the most beautiful thing ever...I don't know when I can afford to travel to other countries..In the mean time what I can do is..I won't stop searching the nicest and rarest place in Tronoh...I know there is more about Tronoh than just 'pekan mati'..