Forgive me when i whine

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If i paste the words... it wont touch your heart just yet..  If i sing to you it would not make any difference since my voice did not sound good n i really think that you shud watch it . I dont know if you already knew about this guy and his poetic words.. 

To those.. who loves music regardless the genres.. I guess this one would make variety and for good thots too.

Ralat: It is not abandoned court house...

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1.The Charles Alma Baker House after been demolished by state government

2. This is Charles Alma Baker: A surveyor from New Zealand. On 1890s He and his wife left India to undertake surveying for the Perak Government. Baker held the contract for all the surveying in Kinta district. It was during this time that his imposing residence in Batu Gajah was completed:The Charles Alma Baker House.

-Foong Thim Leng, TheStar online, Friday, October 25, 2002

Picture from vintage malaya

3. This is the house before it been demolished...Law Siak Hong the president of Perak Heritage society said that the demolition of the Charles Alma Baker House in 2004 was the state biggest losses.

Sorry for the wrong information given...:)

Sie ist meine shwester!

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Haha... ini ditulis sebagai entry terpantas dan terahsia sebab ia dilakukan ketika k.ninie tido. Sementara tgh tunggu wedding dash di dld.. I didnt do anything for her birthday last week so I guess maybe this could replace the card i didnt usually make. 

Happy belated birthday sis! 

Glad u like the cake. Anyway.. to those who read this.. i dont know if she ever show u her old photos.. so here there are!! these are my sister... nurainnie. I hope you had the best year this year... to begin another great year.. Luv ya!



black or white?

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i choose both ehehehe...random...from weddings to abandoned building...
Camera:Slr minolta x300
Film: Agfa scalax 200 black and white slide film(expired)
Process: cross process (i guess)

pakcik with his antiques...memory lane a.k.a lokkain

antiques memory lane a.k.a lokkain

1. Atun's wedding..ami bridesmaid:D..happy!

2. Atun's wedding- Kg. serkai jadi, Tronoh

3. ami

4. Atun

5. From left..jadd, atun n ami

6. 'selamat datang' homade signage

7. After akad nikah-masjid Tronoh

8. speaker?-masjid Tronoh

9. Them

10. ok melaka now...riverside..

11. Melaka world heritage

12. eyes on melaka 1

13. eyes on melaka 2

14. ami n nad bridge

15. Traditional melaka house

16. ami taking pictures

17. The traditional Melaka House

18. The stairs

19. nad n ami at dena's wedding- bahau n9

20. dena's wedding

21. father and daughter- Pasar malam Tronoh

22. Dead tree-roadside tronoh

23. people at pekan selasa tronoh

24. people at pekan selasa tronoh 2

25. ami at abandoned courthouse batu  gajah

26. us at abandoned courthouse batu gajah

27. only these left..abandoned courthouse batu gajah

28. abandoned courthouse batu gajah 1

29. abandoned courthouse batu gajah  2

30. abandoned courthouse batu gajah 3

vvtar2: bungo

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Shots taken by ami using vvtar paddlepop
Film Kodak elitechrome 400 (expired)...





vvitar2: the old ipoh

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4                                                  5
8                                                          9