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What are you working on right now?

(1) duh... can't u see?
i'm workin on a smile..

ok... show me one..

how is it?

o come on..! is that the best u can do..?


much better..!

faces of life

which is yours? 

let's work a smile! 
be it fake.. 

it's the least we could do

shoe frenzy!

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its almost 3 am and I come across a cool odd site. just thot that u might wanna see these too..!

p/s which is your favourite and where will you go wearing them?

t o d a y and everyday

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morning, not raining, enough sleep (bold words are crucial), we'll be here together with the senior citizen, with kids

After lunch, we are labouring our thoughts for these kids and some others. Sometimes the day ends with laughter, sometimes with hopes that what they learn today is to be remembered for the rest of their lives.   

 For example, "Haiqal... the lesson for the day is... this symbol did sound like 'pis' in Malay,

 but it totally did not stand for pistol."


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nothing much...

hari nih accident(on my way to my exam location)=Alhamdulillah we're still alive...

hari nih exam=trauma(still about the accident)+only 2 questions answered(the rest kepala penin+can't concentrate+blank!blank!blank!)