What the fuss is about film vs digital??

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I love This Place..., originally uploaded by niniee.

Everybody have their own opinion on which is better and which is not...Ok everybody respect that...Let us not go all over again fighting or may I say debating on something that is the same ..Both are photography..If you're in love with film meaning you're in love with photography right? same goes to digital...

No matter what camera you're using,manual or auto function on your camera..when your pictures came out ok according to you..then it is enough...(if you meant to keep it to yourself la) but if it is for others to see please prepare yourself for critics..bad or worse we don't know..as long as we can learn from it and do better in the future..

Frankly, I'm not against dslr at all...I'm just in love with film photography that's all..If I have a chance to own a dslr(which for now I can't afford) i shall not let the chance slip away..

But what made me worried..A lot of photo labs especially the small one have stop developing and selling films..They started to focus more on digital...I don't blame them...They just follow the trend and it is for the sake of their business...

Let's stop fighting or debating or whatever you call it..let's unite..can we?

Colours are like magik don't you think?

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Colours.., originally uploaded by niniee.

I love colours...

This was taken with film camera MInolta X700 and film used Agfa Vista 400

not that far...

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..., originally uploaded by niniee.

I never knew this place will be so nice in the picture...In real life it is even nicer:)..not that far ..One of the rarest place I ever found in Tronoh...Of course it is not like Bali or any other nice and famous places...I'm glad I'm here..I'm glad that Tronoh is not yet violated by development...I hope it will remained..

Photography..the more you travel the more great pictures you can captured..but what if ones cannot afford to travel to other places besides his/her own country?..As for me...it's ok..sometimes..something that near to you can be the most beautiful thing ever...I don't know when I can afford to travel to other countries..In the mean time what I can do is..I won't stop searching the nicest and rarest place in Tronoh...I know there is more about Tronoh than just 'pekan mati'..

Gua Tempurung is definitely awesome!

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is definitely awesome!, originally uploaded by niniee.

This picture was taken this morning...Our short trip to Gua Tempurung..gua or in english we call it cave...This was my first time and I'm lovin it!..But sadly I just tried level 2 'Top of The World'..not the easiest..but not that adventure..My sister and her friends went for level 4 'The Grand Tour' it took almost 4 hours to complete this level..All the slidings(the toughest) and the crawling made them came out all wet, happy and with ruined shoes..Definitely gonna try it next time:)...oh yeah..there were more foreign tourists than the locals..:) more about Gua Tempurung ---> www.guatempurung.com

P/s: coming soon, film version

x700; It's like a dream..

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x700, originally uploaded by niniee.

Minolta X300
Fujifilm Velvia 50

Never thought of you going to last these long with me ...It's like a dream..I Never dreamed you'd be in my collections..It was luck..and now I wish.. you should be with me for as long as I live..so we can make dreams and wonders..My soul.. my precious..


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Lantern.., originally uploaded by niniee.

Minolta x300
Fujifilm velvia 50

"A lantern is a portable lighting device used to illuminate broad areas. Lanterns may also be used for signaling, to guide your path somewhere or as general light sources for camping. In the older days it would have been used like a torch" - source wikipedia.

'To guide your path'...I like the idea of lantern...I wish I have a lantern to guide the path of my life..I really wish I have one..At the moment I'm lost..All actions seems wrong..what shall I do then?..

Crying..is the best I can do now..

You won't find this anywhere else...

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It's been a while...All pictures were taken during the week of hari raya...

Minolta X700
Kodak Elitechrome iso 100

Never liked EBX film..during daylight or when it was too bright...coz it will washed out my pictures..but Alhamdulillah this time it turns out ok...enjoy:)

This was somebody else's ..Gerbang malam, Ipoh..

Watches..I did found it interesting..He picking the best watch..

Everybody call her 'nenek kuala pari'

This is ami..she was eating something nice I guess:)

Ami's sister..angah and her daughter batrisya

Ami's mom

Different places and time..manjang and siti..

This is my tok:)

Tronoh in black and white project...

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old man.., originally uploaded by niniee.

Tronoh in black and white is a project that i've been working on since last year, and it is still in progress..What so special about Tronoh...As for me I can't really describe it by words..You have to come here and experience it yourself...I love this place. Since the first time I layed my eyes upon this place I already knew this is where I want to be:)..

Outsiders..people who came to this town because they've mistaken between UTP Tronoh and the town of Tronoh(meaning they were lost), people who lived here for their whole life, people who came to study near to this place(UTP, Uitm) they were people who said Tronoh is nothing...A cowboy town.. A place where 'jin bertendang'...ada apa dengan Tronoh? ..They've been very skeptical about Tronoh..When you have only a little experience on this town doesn't mean it have to become a ghost town to you...

Even though I've already lived here for 5 years, I myself still don't know a lot about it...but i'm willing to learn to know more...It's like an onion you have to peel it off one layer at a time...so please anybody who read this or have been to Tronoh and have a negative thoughts about it..don't judge Tronoh by it looks...

Enough for now...This project will take many years...I don't know when it is going to end...But what I will do is..I will never stop taking photos of Tronoh(the people, the activities, the old buildings that still survive)..

more photos just click ---->myflickr

Cameron Heaven (15th May 2010)

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Cameron Heaven:)...I wish to come here again...We've plan for this coming long holidays(3 days only)..on Wesak day..Along suggested Pulau Pangkor..not a bad idea..But still cameron is our first choice(Ami and I)...

I was in standard 4 the first and last time I visited cameron (before this trip)...I forgot most everything about cameron except for the coldness...(mcm pegi obersea)..So on 15th Mayr was my 2nd visit to cameron(soon to be 3rd, 4th , 5th...eheh)..I love the tea plantation view...Bharat tea plantation what it is called...We thought there is no more Boh plantation...(ada sebenarnya)..we surfed(after the trip) Boh plantation even nicer..so hopefully this 3rd trip we manage to reach there...

The fact about cameron now..It's not so cold anymore..except early in the morning..still you can feel the coldness but when it is 10 a.m and above you'll started to remove your sweater..a little bit hot...It is the best place for jalan2 taking pictures:)..

Forgot to mention the important part...The best route to cameron (if you're from perak) is the simpang pulai route(jgn keluar tol simpang pulai)...less winding road..and no need to honk if you want to pass a very narrow corner...

Picture taken by ami..she stiched it(she really good at it)...soon from my minolta X700..

Sunset in Tronoh

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Dusty and rusty. The best words to describe this blog:)...It been so long since I post anything here...If anybody still visiting this blog..thanks so much for that..But one thing for sure I never stop taking pictures...Lately I've been longing to shoot sunset...Planned to go to Lumut..but never made it(byk sgt halangan)..I just managed to shoot sunset in Tronoh...It turns out not so bad:)...I hope this won't be the last post in the blog...I've made a promise to myself..won't forget the blog..This is the place where I met a lot of people with same interest as me...even some of them are close friend:)..So enjoy the pictures..

Camera : Minolta X700
Film: Fujichrome Velvia 100F(expired)
Process: cross processed

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It is better to be hated...

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It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not. ~Andre Gide

Little stranger smiling:)

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Little stranger smiling:), originally uploaded by niniee.

Little stranger at flea market Super Kinta, Ipoh...She loves being photographed...This was from last year...forgot which month...An Agfa Vista film(still my favourite introduced by k.lina) sent for developed last week...Nothing much...as usual from my favourite minolta X700:)..Enjoy!


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..., originally uploaded by niniee.

OK..Just testing ...composing my blog entry through flickr...:)

This picture taken during Abg Li's reception last January...The only picture with me in it...While waiting for the bride and the bridegroom..That's syakir and his brother...We had a great time during the reception...my favourite part was the food:D..Enjoy the photo...No special effect just me and the slr with ektar 100:)


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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Faces of the future:)

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These are faces that will lead the futures:)..young and innocence... "may they always carry this innocence with them - even when they grow old."- a quote by one of my flickr friends, S

Shot taken with my old Minolta X700..Film used - Kodak Elitechrome Extracolor iso100(expired) and Kodak Ektar 100...Enjoy the pictures...comments and critics are most welcome:)