Sunset in Tronoh

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Dusty and rusty. The best words to describe this blog:)...It been so long since I post anything here...If anybody still visiting this blog..thanks so much for that..But one thing for sure I never stop taking pictures...Lately I've been longing to shoot sunset...Planned to go to Lumut..but never made it(byk sgt halangan)..I just managed to shoot sunset in Tronoh...It turns out not so bad:)...I hope this won't be the last post in the blog...I've made a promise to myself..won't forget the blog..This is the place where I met a lot of people with same interest as me...even some of them are close friend:)..So enjoy the pictures..

Camera : Minolta X700
Film: Fujichrome Velvia 100F(expired)
Process: cross processed

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2 komen:

Mizzy said...

tu pic sate yg secucuk doploh sen?
pnah study kat uitm seri iskandar. selalu jumpa sate 20sen kat area tronoh/bota.harga terkejut, tak biasa sbb sate kajang 60sen..huhuh!!

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

yer incik mizzy murah sket kat sini..taktau pasai pa..ehehe