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It's been a while...All pictures were taken during the week of hari raya...

Minolta X700
Kodak Elitechrome iso 100

Never liked EBX film..during daylight or when it was too bright...coz it will washed out my pictures..but Alhamdulillah this time it turns out ok...enjoy:)

This was somebody else's ..Gerbang malam, Ipoh..

Watches..I did found it interesting..He picking the best watch..

Everybody call her 'nenek kuala pari'

This is ami..she was eating something nice I guess:)

Ami's sister..angah and her daughter batrisya

Ami's mom

Different places and time..manjang and siti..

This is my tok:)

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sHa said...

no 2 fav! :)

Mizzy said...

i loike no.8. need me to be specific? :P

++[sexyinred]++ said...

yeay! an update finally :)
very interesting slide shots ninie

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

@sHa ahhaa thanks:)

@Mizzy as you please :P

@ ++[sexyinred]++ yeah finally heh:)