Kodak plus-Xpan iso 125 expired-random (Tronoh--->bota--->black market kl--->chinatown---> pasar pudu---dataran merdeka

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1. ami

2. dead tree

3. kids and cake:)

4. 'Doa'

5. can't wait...

6. breakfast

7. the owner

8. thinking i guess...

9. black market

10. cut..

11. buy

12. si penjual kelapa

13. watermelon

14. k.lina and diana

15. man walking

16. can u see us?

17. man walking 2

18. they shoot me:)

19. k.lina

20. orchid

21. orchid 2

exif data
Camera: slr minolta x700;50mm f1.4
film : Kodak Plus-Xpan iso 125(expired)

I don't know is it me..the camera or the film itself...its not perfect...but i like it:)...don't ask me all the weird things on the photo...because me too have no idea what was that about:)...c&c are most welcome..thanx to k.lina...for being our tourist guide...tiring but fun:D

-am still learning..still experimenting...

- next ami with her vivitar paddle pop..agfa scala-x iso200

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++[sexyinred]++ said...

OMG...OMG...niniee satu roll nih mmg terbaik, all the imperfection add a ver personal touch to your shots sgt best

and who cares about sharp clear boring images with an analogue anyway muahahahahaha...

love each and every shot...keep it up!

sHa said...

jeles jeles dan jeless!
(sbb tak dpt join)

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

k.lina huhu thanx alot...insyaAllah will shoot more...bleh selalu2 keluar outing...this roll my personal favourite:)..thanx to you!

sha there always next time...lain kali kiter turun kiter inform awal2 k...this week u n k.lina g la somewhere...:)