Magick from yellow vivitar paddle pop|Film Black and White Agfa Scalax iso 200

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magick from ami:)...she is too busy to type about her on her behalf (i'm sure she's gonna say this too ehehe)...everybody are welcome to critic and comment...All are my favourite.. what about yours?:)

1. This is us...eating ABC at 'Esplanade Lumut'...coolest place ever..(k.lina sorry tk sempat bwk g sinih...rasenyer sunset kt sini besh takper there always next time)

2. This is mak ami:) mak too ehehe...

3. This is syakir...:)

4. sawah padi Bota Perak
5. Sawah padi 2 (love the shadow)

6. This is abang and angah

7. This is me:P

8. This is Sarah cooking:)

9. Them(tgh meeting) ehehe

10. Memory house

11. Memory House 2

12. Sweets anyone? Lucky store a.k.a kedai ceti

13. Birds and my proton

14. Birds and my proton 2

Exif data
Camera: vivitar paddle pop (yellow)
Film: Agfa scala-X iso200

6 komen:

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

kamera apa kamu pakai dalam gambar kamu tu?

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

minat slr. tapi, hmm, tak berapa reti pakai. mana beli minolta tu? menarik. ;)

sHa said...

mcm best la.
lame da tak pakai bnw.
cant wait to outing lomo ngn ninie lagik! :)
sooner or later yeh~

Anonymous said...

hai..boleh tau pakai kamera apa ea utk gambar2 dlm entri ni?

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

cpt sha...kiter outing...huhuhu lame giler tk outing ngan sha...

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

oh vivitar paddle pop saje:)