spell the word Lu-bi-tel :)

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Lubitel photos for everyone:)...

At last film from lubitel 2 been developed...so from the result i guess...i need to use it more often...Its just so-and-so...For me it is kind of difficult to focus...not as easy as slr...Some of it totally out of focus and some of it for me ok la...(drpd tkde langsung eheheh)...I hope all of you enjoy viewing it as i enjoy taking it:)...Not to forget Incik sifu Arip thanks a trillion for the film:D

p/s: K.lina bnw tuh nanti sy try k...ehehe

Exif data:
camera: lubitel 2
film : fujifilm iso100 120mm
process: normal











8 komen:

sHa said...

hasil dr lubitel mmg mabeleessss!
taniahhh ninieee. :)

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

sHa thanks sha.... tkde la marbeles...baru mencuba...agak tidak reti:P...jom la sha outing lg..

arip .kekadang ripsta said...

ternyata lubitel ni berfungsi
berbaloi beli di lokin
gambo pun ok
next time pakai slide plak..
nice nice...caya la

++[sexyinred]++ said...

it's ok...it's orait...it's a gud try :) hehehehheheh not that bad la sebenarnya ninie..org ske no.5 tuh

ini maknanya kena shoot lagi byk2 :)

Arip kekadang ripsta said...

nini ingat tak filem aku bagi hang ni expired die tahun bile?

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

++[sexyinred]++ yup...mmg kene shoot byk2...thanks k.lina

Arip kekadang ripsta tk silap dlm 2005 or 2006 camtuh

Liyin the Designer-in-Pajamas said...

Looking through some of your photography work on your blog has been a fresh experience as I am seeing something rather unique about the way your photograph your subjects and the angles you choose are sometimes not everyone would dare to take. I mean I am amazed that you are one of those who are like an artist experimenting with light-leaking effects and rustiness of expired films.

Your style is unique! Keep it up!

鐵火卷John said...