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Fallen leaves:pic taken by sha;colorsplash:D
         The Fallen Leaves
 Though now we see a dead and fallen leaf, 
Within its mould there lies a seed of spring
That waits and hides within this present grief, 
Until it hears the quiet west wind sing
A gentle song that speaks of life and light.
And all the land shall sing that murmured song, 
And day shall rise from out the fearful night, 
And we shall dance and sing all summer long.
And though the fallen leaves we loved are gone, 
They are the hidden soul of all that shines, 
That grows, that laughs, that cries, and still lives on.
And though for them we must forever pine, 
Look to the stars and hear their singing sound, 
Not seek the silence of the sodden ground. 

Paddy J. P. Harris

P/s:gmbr di atas saya kidnap dr cik sHa...saya suker gmbr itu:D

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