The Birthday Gift

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A paper flower

The Birthday Gift


Hanging in my wardrobe

Is a dress, dream come true

It’s just the thing I wanted

All these years through.


It’s dress bought

With tons of love

From many miles,

It’s not the money

Which went in it but

The joy, the pleasure

And the smiles


I wore it for a short while,

Touching it with love and care,

But soon hung it back in a cupboard

For I didn’t want to be tempted

To wear. “cause it’s my…

“Birthday Gift”, which is just a..

Few months away.


But I do often want to see it

And make sure it’s there.

For it’s not really just a dress

It’s a whole lot more. The love,

The care, the sentiments, and

The devotion all speak through it.

Just to say…




(Born in Meerut on 12th June 1961

Died in Bombay on 11th August 1977)

~This poem was wrote by Gitanjali…A young girl who died of cancer at the age of sixteen…this is not her only poem…All her poems been compiled,printed and published; “The poems of Gitanjali”..I found the copy from a secondhand bookstore at chowrasta bazaar, Penang…I read it..really touched me…my eyes full of tears…”The Birthday Gift” really touched me most deeply…Gitanjali never had a chance to wear her “Birthday Dress”. For just before she was to dress for her “Birthday Party” she collapsed and was driven away in an ambulance, never to return home again

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++[sexyinred]++ said...

hrmmm i was sobbing as i was reading this...bcoz...before your blog i was also reading a friend blog who are now facing a hard time bcoz her MIL is down with last stage ovarian cancer. And her MIL days are seemed to be numbers now?

Isn't it ironic ninie? When two of my friends are writing the same thing on a same day?

Kripa said...

I have been searching for "poems of gitanjali" for a long time. can you please share your book with through email. i would be very thank full to you. My email is

Thanks a Zillion