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    Name: ninie

    Sisters: 1

    Brothers: 1

    Shoe size: 6  and 7

    Height: 163cm

    Where do you live: Tronoh Perak 

    Have you ever been on a plane: yes

    Swam in the ocean: erm let me recall..aha yes a week after I quit my job..went for short a vacation to pangkor with ami

    Fallen asleep at school: yeah of course
    Broken someone’s heart: ahahahaa yeah so so many time as much as others broke my heart hmm

    Fell off your chair: ada kot:P..

    Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:hmm ade…end up the person never call..isk

    Saved e-mails: yup..from a special person..

    What is your room like: mcm tongkang pecah:D
    What’s right beside you:erm let me see..my mouse..handphone..my colorsplash:P..

    What is the last thing you ate: last night…nasi berlaukkan ayam masak merah:D
    Chicken pox: when i was  ten years old.. 

    Sore throat: hah ader kadang2

    Stitches: yeah ada…my ankle

    Broken nose: never

    Do you believe in love at first sight: ermm…50% yes 50% nope..
    Like picnics: yeah very much

    Who was/were…The last person you danced with: when I’m in kindergarden St Ronan Jalan Pahang..with my first crush Jason namer die:P

    Last made you smile: When I’ve been tagged by [sexyinred]

    You last yelled at: To my cat sumi…dh besar pon nk menyusu lagi..

    Today did you…

    Talked to someone you like: yes
    J…ami..talk on the phone je..

    Kissed anyone: Do cats count?ahahaha yes sumi..its a dry kiss ok..
    Get sick: yes heart sick been torn boleh tak?:P

    Talk to an ex: I wish I could..but I’m not going to talk la..but going to smack the person…ahaahaha

    Miss someone:Erm of course:D

    Who do you really hate: exes!

    Do you like your hand-writing: hate it very much..mcm budak tadika punyer handwriting

    Are your toe nails painted: nope

    Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: nobody
    What color shirt are you wearing now: red!

    Are you a friendly person: I don’t know yer and tak..ahahaha

    Do you have any pets: yes cats..sumi..putih…mona..noni..comot..ibu kucing..

    Do you sleep with the TV on: yes..everyday

    What are you doing right now: Bloggin' and watching tv
    Can you handle the truth: depends wht kind of truth…if about death erm I guess I can’t handle anymore death in my live kot..cukupla 2…
    Are you closer to your mother or father: nope

    Do you eat healthy: yeah

    Do you still have pictures of you and your ex: TAKDE!
    If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: sleeping and eating a lot!

    Are you loud or quiet most of the time: quiet
    Are you confident: sometime..depends on situation jugak…

    5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

    • Still in school (SPM)
    • Playing netball a lot!
    • Hangout with friends a lot too..

    5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:

    Buy all lomo cameras of course ehehehehe..yang lain mcm biase lah beli rumah..bwk mak ayah sumer g haji…etc

    5 of my bad habits:

    • Hangat2 taik ayamJ
    • Stubborn
    • Quiet
    • If I’m excited about something…I wont think anything else..
    • 24/7 infront of my laptop(surfin internet la eventhough dh tkde ape nk surf)

    5 places I’ve lived/living:
    (for the past 5 years)

    • Sri Iskandar
    • Bangsar
    • Setapak
    • Tronoh
    • Cheras

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