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The Silette is sometimes called "The Poor Man's Leica". There are many series of Agfa Silette.. some c/w interesting names such as Ambi Silette, Solina Silette (Lomolina.. u might want to grab this.. hehe), Silette Vario etc.. May check this site - Silette 
Ok this description below  is about mine.. 
model : Agfa Silette Pronto-SVS
year : 1953 (Germany)
lens : Agfa Apotar 1:3.5/45mm
* however the shutter needs to be serviced. 

Bought this cam last week at Memory Lane at RM35.OO. Try to bargain but maybe they saw me so teruja they insist on the price. And I am that teruja also to pay. It did not look as clean as these shots at 1st, we manage to clean the metal part with 'Autosol Metal Polish' (also made in Germany.. this is a coincidence ok), from the hardware store at RM10 s that add up the price. The leather bag and the camera part could be polished using the kiwi kasut. 

This is our best bargain the last 2 weeks while shopping at the Memory Lane. . RM28, in good condition, ready to be used, just the leather casing looks quite worn out. Problems fixed by polishing the surface with the black kiwi kasut. Saw a Polaroid camera afterwards, but sadly it cost RM90 which is unaffordable.. isk

model : Minolta x-700
year : 1981 (Japan)
lens : MD50mm 1:1.4

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++[sexyinred]++ said...

wah...wah...wah what a bargain...especially that minolta SLR.

Cepat-cepat la upload gamba2 dari kamera2 ni pulak...

p/s : lomolina who? huhuhuhuhuhu

sHa said...

ninie mmg btol2 dah addicted same kamera klasik.
taper2, kite sokong dr blakang tau.

Kekanak Tokyo said...

kat Jepun ni pun kamera klasik dah in balik. and skali ngan holga and lomo sumer. Polariod film pun diorang dah stat jual balik dah.

hari tu ada jual second hand lomo ngan polariod tuk rm 45 n rm30..serius pokai masa tu, geram tak beli.

BTW - nice collection.

reza! said...

memory lane kat ne weh??

btw, jgn pakai kiwi kasut utk leather tu,
guna yg jenis oil or cream..

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

++[sexyinred]++ yup the best bargain ever..siap tertido ngan camera tuh happy sgt eheehehe..

sHa yer addicted..eheh tp tk terok sgt..kalo terok tuh mmg dh borong habih sumer:P..thanx sha..

Kekanak Tokyo wahh heaven dok saner...sbbnyer brg sng dpt n murah...tkper nanti dh cukup budget bleh beli kan...le pesan? ehehehe..thanx alot...balik Malaysia roger2 bleh jln2 g memory lane nih:D

reza!x penah g yer reza...memory lane a.k.a kt Ipoh...tiap2 pagi hr ahad...byk brg antik camera antik..kene rajin belek gerai2 tuh sesatu..n bargain selagi boleh bargain..kdg2 dorg nih main letak je harga..bkn tau brg tuh camne pon ehehe...

kalo tk pakai kiwi pakai aper eh? cream aper? tips sket sifu:D...

ninie.n.(kdg2)ami said...

ralat *memory lane a.k.a lokkain:)

reza! said...

cakap lokin aku tau ler..

aku biasa polish leather product pakai MINK OIL (google sendiri)
kalo ko pakai kiwi,de bagi colour je lebey,tapi x lawa..