2009...Happy New Year? << pray it'll soon to be

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Photo not ours..saved from Palestine Chronicle

Its about a while we are not posting any new entry on magik colours...

1. No new pictures yet..(3 rolls of film not yet develop)

2. New year's 2009..been quite bz..new students register for my tuition class.. and ami's freelance works..

3. Addicted with vintage cameras currently..every week will be my day out to Memory Lane a.k.a Lokkain Ipoh...searching for vintage cameras...Lucky me already found 2 cameras...minolta x700 which is still working..already tested with battery..second camera a vintage 'Agfa Silette' made in Germany manufactured on 1953...Body, lense still in good condition but the shutter not quite working..need to send for service..later maybe..Photos of the camera will be uploaded soon...

4. War in Gaza..which caught our attention...Gaza's invaded by the Israelis... Innocent citizens of palestine died of bombing, children being shot by snipers... snipers for godsake.. they really mean to shot every citizens... not Hamas. Its really cruel..uncivilised Israelis... There is a blog written by Sameh Akram Habeeb, a Palestinian born and raised and currently live  in Gaza..For more stories... you may read the Gaza Strip, The Untold Story
What can we do to from here to stop the war... to help the innocents..? Let's start by just doing something.. If we can contribute money.. give out some. If we can spare some time... spread the news.

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