Gua Tempurung is definitely awesome!

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is definitely awesome!, originally uploaded by niniee.

This picture was taken this morning...Our short trip to Gua Tempurung..gua or in english we call it cave...This was my first time and I'm lovin it!..But sadly I just tried level 2 'Top of The World'..not the easiest..but not that adventure..My sister and her friends went for level 4 'The Grand Tour' it took almost 4 hours to complete this level..All the slidings(the toughest) and the crawling made them came out all wet, happy and with ruined shoes..Definitely gonna try it next time:)...oh yeah..there were more foreign tourists than the locals..:) more about Gua Tempurung --->

P/s: coming soon, film version

x700; It's like a dream..

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x700, originally uploaded by niniee.

Minolta X300
Fujifilm Velvia 50

Never thought of you going to last these long with me ...It's like a dream..I Never dreamed you'd be in my collections..It was luck..and now I wish.. you should be with me for as long as I we can make dreams and wonders..My soul.. my precious..


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Lantern.., originally uploaded by niniee.

Minolta x300
Fujifilm velvia 50

"A lantern is a portable lighting device used to illuminate broad areas. Lanterns may also be used for signaling, to guide your path somewhere or as general light sources for camping. In the older days it would have been used like a torch" - source wikipedia.

'To guide your path'...I like the idea of lantern...I wish I have a lantern to guide the path of my life..I really wish I have one..At the moment I'm lost..All actions seems wrong..what shall I do then?.. the best I can do now..

You won't find this anywhere else...

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It's been a while...All pictures were taken during the week of hari raya...

Minolta X700
Kodak Elitechrome iso 100

Never liked EBX film..during daylight or when it was too bright...coz it will washed out my pictures..but Alhamdulillah this time it turns out ok...enjoy:)

This was somebody else's ..Gerbang malam, Ipoh..

Watches..I did found it interesting..He picking the best watch..

Everybody call her 'nenek kuala pari'

This is ami..she was eating something nice I guess:)

Ami's sister..angah and her daughter batrisya

Ami's mom

Different places and time..manjang and siti..

This is my tok:)