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Perjuangan menegakkan kebenaran ada macam-macam cara...yang pasti bukan dengan huru-hara...


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..., originally uploaded by niniee.

Via Flickr:
minolta srt 101b
Kodak Portra 160VC(expired)

look how perfect the mannequin...

This was taken on the same day I took the beetle...:)..Through my lens I found this interesting:)...It is a chinese physician shop...The healer...

Sent a roll of film to a photo lab in Batu Gajah this morning... I've to wait for just 1 hour(I love when they can do it fast) and they didn't even charged me extra(I love and I love this photolab more and more already:P)...Great service I guess...

But's my photos that are not that great..I'm not sure if it was just this roll ...Most of it turned to be out of focus..blur..A little bit unhappy and feeling you believe in photographer's block?.. I do..and I think I'm having it right now:(..

So what's the solution?..challenge myself for something different? it hard for being consistent?..true or not our emotional state do effect our creativity?...


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Longing..., originally uploaded by niniee.

Via Flickr:
Minolta X700
Velvia 100F (expired)

“Deep in my heart I'm concealing things that I'm longing to say. Scared to confess what I'm feeling - frightened you'll slip away.”
~from the movie Evita

Cosmos Caudatus

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Cosmos Caudatus a.k.a Ulam Raja, originally uploaded by niniee.

Minolta srt 101b
Kodak Gold 200(expired)

I have photographed this little flower like a few years now..This photo is the latest... But all were captured with different films and cameras...Others may found this boring..but I'm never get tired of it because it is my favourite flower...Just realised I guess..seems I photographed it so often...If I ever had a chance to give someone a flower..I'll give them this:)...

What the fuss is about film vs digital??

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I love This Place..., originally uploaded by niniee.

Everybody have their own opinion on which is better and which is not...Ok everybody respect that...Let us not go all over again fighting or may I say debating on something that is the same ..Both are photography..If you're in love with film meaning you're in love with photography right? same goes to digital...

No matter what camera you're using,manual or auto function on your camera..when your pictures came out ok according to you..then it is enough...(if you meant to keep it to yourself la) but if it is for others to see please prepare yourself for critics..bad or worse we don't long as we can learn from it and do better in the future..

Frankly, I'm not against dslr at all...I'm just in love with film photography that's all..If I have a chance to own a dslr(which for now I can't afford) i shall not let the chance slip away..

But what made me worried..A lot of photo labs especially the small one have stop developing and selling films..They started to focus more on digital...I don't blame them...They just follow the trend and it is for the sake of their business...

Let's stop fighting or debating or whatever you call it..let's unite..can we?

Colours are like magik don't you think?

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Colours.., originally uploaded by niniee.

I love colours...

This was taken with film camera MInolta X700 and film used Agfa Vista 400

not that far...

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..., originally uploaded by niniee.

I never knew this place will be so nice in the picture...In real life it is even nicer:)..not that far ..One of the rarest place I ever found in Tronoh...Of course it is not like Bali or any other nice and famous places...I'm glad I'm here..I'm glad that Tronoh is not yet violated by development...I hope it will remained..

Photography..the more you travel the more great pictures you can captured..but what if ones cannot afford to travel to other places besides his/her own country?..As for's ok..sometimes..something that near to you can be the most beautiful thing ever...I don't know when I can afford to travel to other countries..In the mean time what I can do is..I won't stop searching the nicest and rarest place in Tronoh...I know there is more about Tronoh than just 'pekan mati'..